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45 Caliber Silver Ring
Our Price: $21.96

Add a unique yet elegant piece to your accessory collection that goes well beyond the ordinary! This 45 Caliber Silver Ring is made from sturdy metals and features a real, 45 caliber spent bullet. Repurposed jewelry is edgy and is becoming a widely sought after fashion trend. Get in on the action and enjoy your own piece of authentic spent ammunition.

The 45 Caliber Silver Ring was crafted by artisans with years of experience with metal work and design who value a strong, high quality product that will last for years to come. Coming in at just the right size, it’s a ring that will flatter any hand and finger. Dress it up or wear it every day, expect to receive many compliments on the unique factor of the ring. Pair with our available 45 caliber studs for the complete look!


45 Caliber Silver Single Post Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Looking for something special that’s above and beyond the traditional types of stud earrings? You’ve met your match. Experience edgy elegance at its finest and start exploring a side of fashion that’s becoming extremely popular across the world.

These fashionable stud earrings feature two authentic spent 45 caliber bullets. Wear these studs and rock your everyday life knowing you have something no one else does! With authentic imprinting, you have a unique piece that’s sure to turn heads and attract the attention of others.

Perfect as a gift to a special girl in your life, she’ll appreciate your unique gift and the story that goes behind it. Make them your everyday earrings as the silver finishing goes with absolutely everything. They’re great to wear alone or perfect for placing in your second hole for long term wear.


12 Gauge Winchester Single Dangle Gold Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Blow the traditional fashion trends out of the water and check in to something new and exciting… Our pair of 12 Gauge Dangle Earrings are made from authentically spent bullets. Repurposed and crafted with spent Winchester rounds, artisans carefully crafted these earrings down from the real bullets into wearable and attractive dangle style earrings.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that girl that has everything – take a chance with these gold colored earrings. They’re perfect for formal and casual occasions and are the perfect size to flatter ears and add an attractive sparkle in terms of accessories and jewelry. Everyone will take notice to your new jewelry addition and the story associated with the earrings is a great conversation starter.

Get moving in the new direction of fashion and be one of the first to take on the trend at full force! Don’t forget to check out our available 45 Caliber Silver Ring. When paired together – a great overall look is achieved.


20 Gauge Single Dangle Silver Winchester Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

If you’re looking for the perfect dangle earring that isn’t too big, too long or awkward, yet is still stylish and everything the latest fashion trends are – you’ve met your match. Nothing says edgy like 20 gauge single dangle silver earrings handcrafted by artisans at Spent Rounds.

The silver coloring works with any outfit and fits into any girl’s style. Go for the unique and ditch the boring once and for all! These earrings are made from authentically spent bullets. Wear them with pride knowing you’re doing good for the environment by participating in repurposing efforts and are one of the first to catch on to an evolving trend in the fashion industry.

Spent Rounds is known for creating quality goods that last well past a few wears. Feel confident knowing you can make these a go-to piece of jewelry in your fashion collection.


Winchester 12 Gauge Single Dangle Silver Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

What do you get when you pair a classy silver color with an edgy design? A fashion forward and flattering set of dangle earrings!

Perfect for even the girly girl in your life, women everywhere are raving about the new trend of wearing authentic spent bullets as jewelry. Handmade and designed by the experts at Spent Rounds, the well-known brand has received endless praise for this specific style of stunning silver dangle earrings.

Made from 12 gauge shotgun bullets, these will shimmer and shine in your ears while attracting the attention of others around you. These 12 gauge dangle earrings are the perfect way to break the ice and simply a new staple within your collection.

Snag some of this high fashion trend and be one of the first to proudly rep Winchester authentic spent bullet earrings.


12 Gauge Remington Single Dangle Silver Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Shining silver and pure beauty in a raw form is found within this set of dangle silver earrings. The unique style is something to talk about as this pair of earrings is crafted from 12 gauge spent shotgun bullets!

Spent Rounds is known for taking spent bullets and turning them into something beyond most people’s wildest dreams. They’ve done it again with this set of silver colored earrings! Impress your friends and embody that edgy fashion style you spend hours searching the web for and raiding stores trying to find the perfect pieces to add to your collection.

Comfortable and noticeable, these earrings are everything you’ve been looking for. Pick up a pair and don’t miss out on our available silver bracelet. Accessories and the complete look will make you the center of attention with your group of friends.


Winchester 20 Gauge Single Dangle Gold Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Gold is a classy look that many women have embraced and worn for ages. Incorporate this class and add a little bit of a twist with an edgy, modern look.

These dangle gold colored earrings are made by Spent Rounds, a highly respected brand that’s known for crafting authentic jewelry from spent bullets. Meant to last a lifetime, these earrings are offered at an affordable price.

Give them as a gift to a close friend or other important and powerful woman in your life. Embrace your inner rock star and do something different with fashion.

You’ll want to make these your top selection for dangle earrings after just one wear and an extreme amount of complements. Do something different, choose our Winchester 20 gauge earrings for ultimate style!


Brown Leather 12 Gauge Silver Winchester Bracelet
Our Price: $24.96

In addition to the wide selection of earrings we offer in both stud and dangle form, spread the fashion trends down to your wrist with our handcrafted Winchester 12 Gauge Silver Bracelet!

Consumers and fashion enthusiasts like yourself have trusted Spent Rounds to create beautifully breathtaking pieces of unique jewelry from authentically spent bullets. For this particular piece, 12 gauge shotgun bullets were used to create a rustic yet edgy bracelet.

Wear with casual outfits and show off your creative side. A girl like you doesn’t mess around; especially when it comes to fashion and accessory choices! An easy snap button close allows you to take the bracelet on and off as you wish, but trust us – you won’t want to take this bracelet off anytime soon.


Silver Winchester 12 Gauge Turquoise Leather Bracelet
Our Price: $24.96

Get that pop of color with the style and uniqueness of real, authentically spent bullets! That’s right – our 12 Gauge Turquoise Leather Bracelet is crafted from the experts at top rated jewelry and repurposing brand – Winchester to give you that fashion piece you need to gain the confidence you’re looking for.

Wear with pride and look good representing a unique fashion trend. Each bracelet comes with three carved and crafted 12 gauge bullets on a turquoise band.

Browse through our site to explore our matching silver 12 Gauge Winchester Dangle or Stud Earrings to get a complete, overall look that screams confidence and ultimate style.


20 Gauge Silver Winchester Ring With A Clear Crystal
Our Price: $24.96

Spent Rounds has heard your requests! They’ve taken bullet style to a whole new level by adding crystals to their designs. Consumers like yourself and vendors like us trust Spent Rounds for their amazing ability to convert authentically spent bullets into stunning pieces of jewelry loved by women all over the world.

This piece features a 20 gauge silver colored bullet with a high quality clear crystal tucked in the center of the bullet. Perfect for the girly girl who wants to break into a more edgy fashion sense but values her jewels, this ring is right up their alley.

Wear on any finger and enjoy a ring that flatters your hand and attracts complements wherever you go.