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45 Caliber Silver Single Post Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Looking for something special that’s above and beyond the traditional types of stud earrings? You’ve met your match. Experience edgy elegance at its finest and start exploring a side of fashion that’s becoming extremely popular across the world.

These fashionable stud earrings feature two authentic spent 45 caliber bullets. Wear these studs and rock your everyday life knowing you have something no one else does! With authentic imprinting, you have a unique piece that’s sure to turn heads and attract the attention of others.

Perfect as a gift to a special girl in your life, she’ll appreciate your unique gift and the story that goes behind it. Make them your everyday earrings as the silver finishing goes with absolutely everything. They’re great to wear alone or perfect for placing in your second hole for long term wear.


12 Gauge Remington Single Dangle Silver Earrings
Our Price: $24.96

Shining silver and pure beauty in a raw form is found within this set of dangle silver earrings. The unique style is something to talk about as this pair of earrings is crafted from 12 gauge spent shotgun bullets!

Spent Rounds is known for taking spent bullets and turning them into something beyond most people’s wildest dreams. They’ve done it again with this set of silver colored earrings! Impress your friends and embody that edgy fashion style you spend hours searching the web for and raiding stores trying to find the perfect pieces to add to your collection.

Comfortable and noticeable, these earrings are everything you’ve been looking for. Pick up a pair and don’t miss out on our available silver bracelet. Accessories and the complete look will make you the center of attention with your group of friends.


45 Caliber Silver Single Post With Pink Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $29.96

For our ladies who want something extra that goes above and beyond any piece of bullet jewelry we offer, we present to you our 45 Caliber Silver Single Post with Pink Crystal Earrings!

Nestled within the center of an authentically spent 45 caliber bullet is a pink crystal that shimmers and shines when light makes contact. These stud earrings fit perfectly within your earlobe and are a pair of earrings that you don’t have to change day to day.

Versatile and built from the highest quality materials, you can depend on your earrings to last well more than a few wears. For added fashion greatness, place these earrings in your second hole and rock dangles in the first hole. The possibilities for added accessories and pairings are endless!


45 Caliber Single Post Silver With Clear Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $29.96

Every woman is unique and special. Why shouldn’t she wear jewelry that’s just as unique and special as she is? Our 45 Caliber Single Post Silver Earrings featuring clear crystals are everything a fashionable woman would desire – uniqueness, class and style.

These silver colored post style earrings are made from authentic spent 45 caliber bullets! Artisan metalworkers have taken used bullets and have spent their time professionally turning them into something extraordinary for the most fashionable of women.

For an extra added touch, this particular model has a clear crystal in the center of each earring for a feminine touch. Make these your everyday stud earrings and dress them up or down depending on the occasion with our other offered accessories. From our bracelets to rings, you can achieve an overall look!


20 Gauge Single Post Gold With Clear Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $29.96

Forget diamonds, bullets are a girl’s best friend! Put your best foot forward in a fashion sense and try these on for size.

Our 20 gauge single post gold earrings with clear crystals are feminine, sexy and edgy. For the girl in your life that has absolutely everything and is impossible to shop for, these earrings will be perfect!

Made from actual spent 20 gauge shotgun bullets, we’ve added a little bit of flair in the form of clear internal crystals in the bullets. Wear these with confidence as your go-to pair of earrings and enjoy a flawless look that never gets old or boring.


45 Caliber Single Post Gold With Clear Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $29.96

Gold is a classic metal coloring/material that’s still extremely relevant and prominent in fashion today. As time goes on, we’re seeing gold pop up everywhere!

Take the gold trend and mix it with the new and upcoming trend of recycled jewelry and you’ve found fashion heaven within our earrings. Our 45 caliber single post gold colored earrings feature clear crystals tucked neatly inside the center of the bullet for an added dazzle that never fails to amaze.

The bullets used in the creation of this pair of earrings were authentically spent. Know that you’re doing good by Mother Earth for recycling and repurposing and good by the fashion critics for picking up on a new trend. Rock your earrings everyday!


20 Gauge Single Post Silver With Clear Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $29.96

Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to edgy fashion jewelry or are just breaking into the newest trends, our 20 gauge single post silver earrings with added clear crystals are a must for any fashion forward girl.

This pair of studs perfectly complements and works with the other fashion accessories and clothing items you have in your wardrobe to take a look and instantly transform it into something edgier and bold. Made from authentically spent bullets, these are high quality earrings that you can depend on to stand up to every day wear.

Don’t forget to pair it with our leather bullet bracelet in either turquoise or brown, it really completes the look!