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Winchester 12 Gauge Earrings, Double One Silver One Gold
Our Price: $34.95

If you’re looking to really rock your authentic bullet earrings every day, you should really consider this specific pair!

This pair of Winchester 12 gauge bullet earrings incorporate the best of both worlds in to one pair by combining a silver bullet with a gold bullet on each ear.

The double dangle style is a little more feminine and gives girls who want something extra noticeable that exact “oomph” they crave! Our earrings are all crafted from high quality Winchester bullets that were authentically spent. Repurposing is not only great for the environment, but may just be the smartest move you’ve made in your fashion accessory area yet!


Silver 20 Gauge Winchester Double Dangle Earrings
Our Price: $34.96

Silver 20 Gauge Winchester Double Dangle Earrings
12 Gauge Double Dangle Silver Winchester With Clear Crystal Earrings
Our Price: $39.96

Looking for something that will absolutely blow them (or even you) away? Our 12 gauge double dangle silver earrings with included clear crystals are a breathtaking pair of earrings that every girl must have within their accessories collection.

Made from real, authentically spent Winchester bullets, metal craft experts have turned a big name and high quality bullet into a special piece of jewelry for your enjoyment and wear. Show off your edgy side in a fashion forward way that’s exciting and new. Ditch the ordinary earrings and try these on for size. Once you have them on, you won’t want to take them off!